A Letter Home

Recently we had Skybridge Community retreat.  Skybridge is a network for people who work regular jobs here in Europe but live out their lives with intentionality in the marketplace and city.  At the end of the retreat we took some time to talk about our churches back home. I proposed the idea that we each think about what would we put in a letter to people back home.

It could be to their church, pastor, small group, friend or family member.

I wanted them to write some thoughts on what they would like to communicate to those who prayed for them.

One Skybridge member wrote this. You can read it here.

I am a big fan of the church of Antioch. Paul and Barnabas were sent from that church. You can read about it in Acts 13. In Acts 14 Luke tells us that when they completed their journey the church was assembled so that they could they could report all they have done. It is so important that we proactively communicate to those who send us.

What would your letter say?
Would it be a letter of thanks?
Would you challenge them to be more active in  your ministry overseas?
Would you tell them how much you need their support, prayers and partnership?
Would you tell them about some of the things God is doing in your ministry overseas?

Take some time this month to write that letter. Find creative ways to communicate to your sending church the stories from your life overseas.

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